About us

Event planning requires foresight for the big picture and attention to the tiniest details presented in front of you. Your event requires not just eyes but Vision.

We are your Vision.

Whether your event is a conference, workshop or a fun, gala annual dinner with a local or international audience, we are your perfect partner to get the job done.

D’Chic Events is an event management company that helps you to build, strategize, develop and manage all or part of your event. Our ideas bring a fresh perspective to your event and no matter what stage of the planning you’re in, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you make your event the best it can be. We are closely involved with all aspects of planning to ensure that the client’s vision is fully realized and all possible obstacles are preempted. We negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best venue package – whether you’re putting on a corporate dinner or a party. Our venue sourcing team doesn’t just depend on glossy brochures to tell them about an event venue; instead, we pay regular visits to venues to keep up to date with the unique establishment of event locations.

Carrying the same dedication and passion, D’Chic Events, strives to deliver results that exceed your expectations and leaves your guests awestruck. Our priority is the quality of work delivered with client satisfaction being the most important ingredients of success.

All YOU NEED to do is SHOW UP!!!

Our Vision

1) To evolve into a one-stop event solutions for all occasions across the country.

2) To consolidate D’Chic Events as a reliable trusted brand that has set precedents of excellence in execution, quality and creatively conceived events.

3) To produce a high quality event that not only set the standard for event production, but also set the trend for the industry.

Our Mission


1) To provide custom-made event solutions to clients with varies requirements.

2) Maintain the high standards of quality event.

3) To make the journey of event planning as fun and enjoyable for the client as the final event itself.

Founder and Creative Director of D’Chic Events

Deelashiny, the Founder and Creative Director of D’Chic Events, is a Science graduate who seized the opportunity to deliver her traits in the ever chaotic world of event management.

With her faith in Nature and by listening to her Heart, she started off her company solely based on passion. Over the last 3 years, Deela has worked with different personalities from different fields, managing a wide range of events and gaining invaluable experience.

“Yes the event management field is a chaotic one but what keeps me going is the satisfaction at the end where everything falls into place and a great event is thrown.” – Deelashiny Rajenthran, Founder of D’Chic Events

What drives her isn’t just the end goal of seeing an event materialize but working on it from scratch. Event management unlike many other fields, requires both creativity and logical thinking. Coming from an academic background that requires logical thinking and is all bout facts as well being involved in other activities that are purely creative, Deela provides the right balance required for the job.

So get in touch with us to hire someone who knows the job, purely based on first hand experience and can materialize events that you only see in your wildest imagination!