“Kim Grace is a personal stylist who has her own company – Kim Galaxious which hosts a fashion workshop twice a year. Her Mix Match Madness Workshop is one which is loved by many women. This 7 hour programme is the perfect place for ladies to spend their day, learning about themselves, fashion and styling.”

On the 14th of June 2015, D’Chic Events organised the Mix Match Madness Workshop for Kim Galaxious, which turned out to be a great success. The preparations started about an hour plus before the event when arrangements for snacks and practical session took place. With a prepared plan and hands for help, WE managed to set up a cosy environment for their workshop.

With 10 energetic participants and a brilliant facilitator, the event started off just as we planned, on time with a greatly energized intro.  As each participant registered for the workshop and helped themselves to some snacks, Kim Grace and D’Chic Events were doing some last minute checks and preps. At first the crowd wasn’t responsive as an early Sunday morning is a NO for many but after some interactive practical session, everyone warmed up. To add some zest to the programme, a lucky draw was prepared for all the participants, which turned out to be a great idea as everyone was curious, excited and thrilled.

The event was running smoothly until the food arrived and the quantity wasn’t enough to feed everyone. Within minutes, D’Chic Events managed to order some pizza before the lunch break started. Kim Grace who was only informed later about this small issue was happy with the way we tackled the situation. The half an hour break was more of a bonding time between the participants and the facilitator as they shared stories and experiences. O ya! Everyone enjoyed the pizza as well. 😉

The second half of the event held the highlight of the day – The Photoshoot. What is knowledge without experience right? Kim Galaxious planned a photoshoot for the participants to put the knowledge they had learned to practice. While the ladies took time to get dressed, D’Chic Events cooperated with Why Not Productions to prepare for the photoshoot. Our founder – Deelashiny and the director of  Why Not Productions- Nicky Cheng had to squeeze their brains to make the best out of the 4 walled room for an exciting photoshoot.

When all the participants were ready to click some snaps, Nicky Cheng put his amazing photography skills to work, making the gorgeous ladies look mesmerizing. Everyone had a great time during the photoshoot as they helped each other out with ideas for poses and did practice runs for the shots. Getting everyone engaged into an event is always an issue for event organizers as they have to have a right balance of everything to attract each unique character. D’Chic Events did a great job in assisting Kim Grace in this interactive session and had put great effort to make it a success.

As the clock ticked its way closer to 5 p.m, we faced another problem. There wasn’t enough time to conduct the last activity of the day which was the catwalk. One which many were looking forward to participate in. Even though in a rush, we managed to give the audience what they wanted as we incorporated the photoshoot and the catwalk together. There was endless laughter and applauses as everyone walked with style and passion.  The workshop ended perfectly and all the participants left with a wide grin across their faces.

Kim Grace, Creative Director of Kim Galaxious was satisfied !!!