“This event was a session of confronting our fears, handling awkward situations, going all out with our promotion, discovering our talents and weakness as well as hammering down our ego. It was a lively and experiential event which gave all of us an individualized take away.”


On the 3rd and the 4th of May 2015, D’Chic Events organised a book sale on behalf of ET Ideas team at Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields. It was a memorable experience for the organizing team as well as the ET Ideas team to spend 2 days at the Wesak Day Carnival, promoting the product – The Seven Basic Laws of Nature Awareness Series.

D’Chic Events started this project a month before the sales and it was a last minute rush. This challenge filled event was a journey with valuable lessons as well as rousing experiences. Even though the planning for these two power-packed days started late, and the deposit for the place was only made in the middle of the month, it turned out to be a success. In terms of covering cost, there was a small issue we faced as the expected number of books weren’t sold but the main objective was accomplished. We wanted to satisfy our client’s objective to give all the volunteers a fun, knowledgeable and exhilarating experience. Our goal was achieved by the creative ideas we used to make this event spectacular.

The challenges we faced are points of improvement which we need to feed on and without this experience, we couldn’t have improved ourselves. This big event was difficult to be handled alone as there were a large number of ET Ideas volunteers who have helped the team to sell their products to those who walk the streets of the grand carnival. But with the help of an energetic and kind team, we managed to pull it off.

Other challenges we faced while organizing this event was the management of cost. Ideas to control expenses and to spend smartly and effectively weren’t flowing much. The team jammed when the sales weren’t doing well for they didn’t have any back up plans. To top off the “This couldn’t get any tougher” type of day, we were drenched in rain and couldn’t go all out with the sales! Yet everyone who was there encouraged the others and tried their best. The small boosters helped the team refuel and go back out with full energy.

The team had so much fun approaching random strangers and promoting the product. It was a heuristic journey for many of us as we slowly learned to break the main barrier- fear. As we warmed up, most of the volunteers were on fire, managing to sell the product to anyone and everyone. They became immune to the regular response -“NO!” and the loathsome looks that some passed at them.

It was a crazy experience for the first timers as they struggled to fulfill the customer’s expectations but as they moved through the learning experience, they managed to grasp the concept. All of us had great fun, spending odd and late hours at the carnival. The constant Facebook posts and WhatsApp updates didn’t fail to energize the people who were even off shift! The various characters we encountered in those 2 adrenaline rushing days left the team amazed for they got a small glimpse of the thousands of different personalities that walk this world.