How we give back to society

We are a community. A community that can only see the horizon if we grow together. Supporting every cause is a social enterprise that aims to make this world better. But who supports them? We’re glad to say that we do. D’Chic Events is an event management company that supports “solution seeking for world-problems” through social enterprises.

Our vision is simple – we see an interdependent world and are ready to embrace the idea of sharing and growing. Together we can eliminate issues like global warming, depression, scarcity, etc. Together we can move forward and make the world a better place.

To start off on this journey we joined hands with Ascendance.

Ascendance is a group of Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s who saw the beauty in life through pursuing their passion and working on the things they love. Through their journey of striving towards success, they started learning more about themselves, the world around them, and the unlimited potential that each and every person has.

Wanting to share their newfound happiness and sense of fulfillment, they launched the #LiveNAscend campaign to reach out to the world and provide others with the platform that had kickstarted their own journey.

#LiveNAscend aims to inspire the awesomeness in everyday people for them to start living life to the fullest and achieve their dreams. The campaign includes a 7 day free trial to the Ascendance membership – the online version of the platform that sparked and guided of the Ascendance team.

D’Chic Events has taken up the mission to join the #LiveNAscend campaign. They are aiding Ascendance to take it to the next level and reach out to more people. We personally believe everyone should be able to pursue the things they love and should be given the chance to step out of their mundane, everyday lives; to be truly happy.

D’Chic Events has given us at Ascendance their unconditional support in making Ascendance’s vision of improving the lives of people a reality. Ascendance thanks D’Chic for their care and love for people has never wavered and we‘re glad to be able to provide an avenue for them to improve the lives of others.

To know more about what Ascendance does and how you can also play a role, visit –

Thank you for supporting us and for making all of this a reality for Ascendance 😇🙏#ETIdeas #Ascendance #PMDK #AceItEasy #KPM #KementerianPendidikanMalaysia #ForStudentsByStudents #thankyou #everyone #support #team #dreams #to #reality #goals #happy #blessed

Posted by Ascendance on Thursday, January 18, 2018