Event Management is like a puzzle. You need to find an event manager who can efficiently put together all pieces of the puzzle to form the picture you want!

Here’s a list of 4 things you need to consider when hiring your party planner in KL and who we’d suggest for the job!

  1. Experience

Party planners in KL aren’t rare. To be honest, many of them. Most weave tall tales and have high claims but a good party planner in KL is one who has had hands-on experience in organizing an event from scratch till the very end. This is the most important requirement when you’re hiring an event organizer because there’s no such thing as enough knowledge or theory to pull off an event successfully. What an event planner needs is experience to know how to efficiently handle the preparations, which resources to call, who to hire, how to see through everything and most importantly – how to come up with quick and practical solutions on the spot!

  1. Transparency

Now transparency is very important when you’re looking for a party planner in KL. Given that many build up stories to make their portfolio look better, you have to find authentic and transparent event planners who can directly evaluate any demands, ideas or expectations as ‘practical’ or ‘not practical’.

This saves you time and also allows you and your party planner to look for alternate solutions to the ideas that you want and that can be carried out. And the transparency also helps build a good relationship with you and your event planner that can come in handy for further communication on the project at hand as well future projects.

  1. Creative

Kuala Lumpur is a party place and with all kinds of fancy parties going on, being different yet classy is becoming harder. Here’s where you’ll need a creative party planner in KL. Be it the standard, theme or quality of your party, a little bit of extraordinary creativity can push up all of these standard bars to the next level. All the way from the logistics, to how effectively a party planner manages the client’s budget, and how they throw the best party; is often highly influenced by one’s creativity. And so finding a creative party planner in KL is quite vital!

  1. Solution-Seekers

If you’ve ever tried hosting your own party before, you’d know that event organization is one BIG task. There’s so much to juggle, handle, tick off the to-do list and manage.

There’s pre-planning, handling the event itself on that day and event clean up afterwards, everything has a high risk of turning out super messy! When you look for a party planner in KL, make sure that they are quick-solution-seekers who can calmly handle any mishaps and can effectively come up with creative and practical solutions to any problem. This again ties up to ‘experience’ as only through experience over a period of time, can event planners become super good solution seekers, focusing on the solutions instead of the problems.

There will almost always have something gone wrong at any event, even a party, like food not showing up on time or the entertainment getting lost on the way. A good party planner knows how to handle these situations with solutions so that you won’t feel a thing. And to everyone there, the event was smoothly run and a success. That’s the power of having a good party planner.

So who do we suggest for the job who’ll have all the pieces to your puzzle?

Meet D’Chic Events – An event management company who’s affordable, experienced, creative, efficient and is well trained in handling any situation related to your event. If you’re looking for a party planner in KL, D’Chic Events will be your best choice. They’ve had years of hands on experience, are transparent and honest, creative yet efficient and are skilled solution seekers. With their help, you can turn your event from a crazy wild idea to a successful party!


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