The Artists Involved


is an international singer-songwriter and performer who is changing the world with music through her songs about life, love and lessons with her powerful vocals and mesmerizing lyrics. A vibrant performer, Heerraa has been featured in the MalayMail newspaper, NKF’s Glow Run Concert, received the Audience Choice Award at Short+Sweet Malaysia, etc. Her song “The Girl Who Loved” featured on Simulacra 2’s Original Game Soundtrack has received worldwide recognition and she has just released her latest single on Spotify & iTunes, called “Crazy”. Catch this rockstar in concert!


is an entertainer by passion and salesmen by profession.. He is a naturally funny guy who like to keep the crowd cheer and leave them with a smile on face.. He is also a mimicry artist.. He officially started his stand up comedy last year April.. and celebrating his anniversary with this online concert..

Currently he is working on comedy for change where most of his performances are his real experience that brought lessons to him and others..


is a dancer and choreographer who started dancing since 5 years old. He believes that all types of dances in the world are correlative, it’s just varies in terms of speed, moves, expression and feelings.
He recently won the Best Newcomer Award at Short+ Sweet Dance Malaysia which is his first ever dance competition.
He is creating a platform for passionate dancers out there by conducting dance classes.

Thiviya Balakrishnan

( is the Creative Director of ET Boost and a professional emcee, conference host and moderator where she does events in English, Malay and Tamil. Her new venture is hosting live streams and online summits.

She hosts her own talkshow called ET Youth ( which has attracted crowds of people of all ages over for five years that it has been running. She expresses her passion of impacting individuals through her career which has inspired and impacted over hundreds of people over the years.

ET Ideas, founded in 2008, is a platform that empowers entrepreneurs and individuals to step out of the system, follow their passion, become successful in life and contribute back to society by solving world problems. Till date, ET Ideas consists of 28 companies and 43 associates, all rooted in fields of their passion. As a team, ET Ideas has set out to spread awareness to the world about world problems and how we can solve it if we collaborate, adopt creativity and follow our hearts and not the system.
Precedes of this show goes to ET Ideas to provide their continuous support to their associate’s need whilst building a career in the field they love.

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