“D’Chic Events has been helping me organize my Parenting programmes and the follow-up workshops since September 2015 and I am one happy client. All my energy and attention is focused on delivering my content as I am assured that all else will be taken care of. Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the 4th Annual ET Ideas Awards – an event put together by D’Chic Events. i was totally swept off by the backdrop, flow of activities, music and everything else. It was a fabulous job. Of course there were some teeny weeny hiccups but what impressed me is the way these hiccups were handled that they hardly looked like hiccups. A job really well done. Kudos to Deela, the founder of this impressive company. And for those of you looking for a good event organizer, well…get in touch with Deela and she will give you her personal touch with professionalism.”