About Us

D’Chic Events is an event management company that supports “solution seeking for world-problems” through social enterprises.

Our Vision  is simple


we see an interdependent world and are ready to embrace the idea of sharing and growing

Together we can eliminate issues like global warming, depression, scarcity, etc

Together we can move forward and make the world a better place.

Founder and Creative Director of D’Chic Events


  • A Science graduate who ventured into the world of event management.
  • She started off her company solely based on passion
  • Worked with different personalities from different fields, managing a wide range of events and gaining invaluable experience

Some of the latest events organized:

  1. Dare To Live Conference
  2. New Age Learner Conference
  3. Be At Your Best Workshops


How We Give Back To Society ?

“And I have to say, we take pride in that, as this is very close to our heart as a team.”   Founder of D’Chic Events